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Resorts & Commercial

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With super stability and easy access on and off the Inflatable, the Takacat provides excellent options for a variety of commercial use.

Hunting & Fishing


Fishing off a Takacat is excellent as they are stable and sturdy.  With a quick set up you can be out fishing in no time.



On the tow the Takacat is very stable allowing for a smooth ride.  Once you get to your location, simply start exploring all those hidden places.

Day Boat


Pack and picnic and your mates and hop on board for a day out exploring, diving, fishing or simply just relaxing.

Flood & Recovery


The Takacat has been used and proven to be a brilliant choice when it comes to flood relief and recovery work.  With a shallow draft it is able to go where other craft in its class cant.

River & Shallow Water

River Fishing - AUS.jpg

Cruise down your favourite river or across the lake with minimal disturbance.  The shallow draft allows access to unexplored places.

Scuba Diving


With plenty of space for the dive tanks and the excellent stability the Takacat is a perfect dive boat.  Easy access on and off the boat is effortless.

Marine Research

Research se.jpg

A proven research vessel, the Takacat is able to get into places where other boats cant and with comfortable ride.

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