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TAKACAT Sport Series

The unique tapered & closed in bow design of the Takacat Sport inflatable boat provides more traditional lines than the Takacat LX Series but still utilises the same catamaran hull configuration and features.


The ideal inflatable boat tender providing a dry and stable platform with the Takacat element of practicality and enjoyment.


Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements indicated have a tolerance of plus/minus 2% and 8% respectively. Built to International Standard ISO/6185

Sport Series Dimensions


Every Sport Series Takacat comes with:

✓ 1 Set of Tubes                              ✓ 2 Oars

✓ 1 Tube Heavy Duty Transom®     ✓ 2 Carry Bags   

✓ 1 Inflatable Seat                           ✓ Airdeck Floor

✓ 1 Manual Pump & Gauge            ✓ 1 Repair Kit (no glue)   


Sport Series Dimensions

Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements indicated have a tolerance of plus/minus 2% and 8% respectively. Built to International Standard ISO/6185


  • Unique tapered bow design for a dry ride

  • Portable (Rolls up to fit in a bag)

  • Bag to water in minutes

  • Exceptional stability on the water

  • Light weight (from 26kg / 2.6m)

  • Large 0.48m diameter tubes

  • Available in three convenient sizes 2.6m, 3m, and 3.4m

  • Quick & easy set-up / pack down

  • Suitable for outboard engines 2.5hp to 15hp

  • Easy to row

  • Tracks well under tow

  • Quick drain transom design

  • Heavy-duty under tube rubber protection

  • Quick release wheel option

Airdeck Floor

Air deck floor is made from reinforced drop stich to provide a high- tensile rigid core. Inflate to 10psi. Custom made protective anti-skid with additional anti-UV additive, high-pressure laminated heat pressed to top layer for the best durability and rigidity. Second-layer side rail tape making 1.8mm walls and additional air tightness.

Heavy Duty Tube Enhancements

"Heavy duty" tube reinforcements protect the tubes, which together with our unique design enables landing almost anywhere. You will find full length rubber protection running parallel the length of the under tubes. Additional side rubbing / protective strips on the sides of the tubes as well as across the bow. The shallow draft of your Takacat allows you to maneuver in shallow waters and get higher up the beach where V bottoms are generally stuck out further in knee deep water.

Tube and Tube Protection

Tough 0.9mm, 1000 denier custom made PVC, inflate to 3psi. Anti-UV grade tested to 4-5 out of 5. International Standards ISO 4892-3:2006

Additional Tube Protection

  • heavy duty under tube rubber protection provides added security when beaching

  • Additional protective layers over each of the single parallel seams running the length of the tubes provides additional strength as well as side protection in this hard hitting area

  • Custom made anti skid tube protection provides a hard wearing floor with a fabric to fabric bonding



  • Up to 50% less seam work than a standard inflatable boats of similar size 

  • Most inflatable boats require the transom, floor, air decks / drop stich, fittings and fixtures to be glued onto the tubes. So when it comes to the seams we have chosen to use our tried and tested gluing system that we also use through out the rest of the boat. This is ideal for roll-up / portable boats where welded seams can become brittle over time and prone to splitting. 

Revolutionary Transom Design

Takacats revolutionary and innovative new open Tube-Transom design (R) can be simply and fully be removed from the inflatable tubes for easy deflated. This enables the Takacat to rolled-up smaller, easier and lighter than traditional inflatable boats. These are big advantage when it comes to handling, transportation and or storage.  Ideal for the caravan, motor home and foldaway tender markets. A conventional fixed transom on similar sized Inflatables adds around 7kg + increases the bulk dramatically when packing away.


Electric Outboards

Power your Takacat with an electric Outboard

E-Propulsion outboards are a perfect choice for the Takacat portable Inflatable boat series.

These electric outboards are lightweight, quiet, Zero emissions, life-time maintenance free, and are safe for the marine environment and its inhabitants.

The suggested model is the E-Propulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus (3HP) with an "XS" shaft for the Takacat which is roughly the equivalent to the "S" in a standard petrol outboard. 

Other Electric outboard options are from:

- Torqeedo

- Haswing

For more information on which model suits contact your Takacat dealer or contact Takacat direct:

Takacat & Epropulsion 4.jpg
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