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TheTakacat 460 LX-R is built tough with performance in mind.


Featuring a durable dual plate 3mm alloy deck, finished with a durable and easy to clean composite decking material.


With a beam of 2m and oversize tubes you have huge buoyancy and load carrying capacity along with Takacat renown stability. Engines of up to 100kg can be fitted however the hull is efficient enough to run anything from 15hp to 60hp to offer great performance. 


The Takacat inflatable tubes are manufactured in a durable 1.2mm TPU fabric highly abrasive and UV resistant and feature 4 air chambers.


Technical Data:

• 4.6m long

• 2m beam

• 550mm tube diameter

• 1.2mm TPU Fabric Tubes

• Welded Seams

• Pressure Relief Valves

• 4 x Air Chambers

• 3mm alloy deck

• 4 Rod Holders

• Rubbing Strips

• Rubber Keel Protection

• Non-Skid Soft Composite, Hard wearing decking

• Oars


Available in 460 & 340 Sizes with more available soon.

Takacat LX-R

PriceFrom $5,382.00
To order the LX-R please contact Takacat Asia - Please allow 60 days for manufacturing plus shipping.
  • NOT INCLUDED - we suggest purchasing in your local country as every country has diffrent regulations

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