380 LX

A Family Favourite

The family favourite 380 LX has a larger deck which allows plenty of space for any fishing, diving or picnic gear. It’s the boat that can handle anything. Built extremely stable it is the perfect choice for a day our diving, fishing, hunting or just cruising with friends.

          Overall Length                                    Outboard Range                                   Dry Weight

                  3.8m                                                  2h.5p - 20hp                                         42kg


(Prices quoted in USD$)


Included Accessories

2 x Storage Bags
2 x Oars
1 x Inflatable Seat
1 x Hand Pump
1 x Repair Kit (excl glue)

Takacat-standard accessories.jpg



“We mainly use our Takacat 380 LX alongside a Mercury 10HP for spearfishing and line fishing (trolling and jigging) and couldn't be happier with the setup. It handles chop very well, it's very spacious and extremely stable. Besides that, it's great that there are rod holders and wheels to purchase alongside the Takacat that don't require fitting any 3rd party components. If you want to mount a sounder, transducer etc. you can do that very easily with Railblaza mounts (see setup attached). Unpacking, blowing up and packing away is really easy. Beyond that, the customer service from Greg and Lisa is simply great.” 

Thierry Meier

Optional Accessories