300 LX

The Portable Tender

Full of features, the 300 LX is our most popular smaller day boat in the LX range.  This boat has proven itself over and over again by thousands of boaties as a reliable tender.

          Overall Length                                    Outboard Range                                   Dry Weight

                  3.0m                                                  2h.5p - 10hp                                         30kg


(Prices quoted in USD$)


Included Accessories

2 x Storage Bags
2 x Oars
1 x Inflatable Seat
1 x Hand Pump
1 x Repair Kit (excl glue)

Takacat-standard accessories.jpg



Dramatic footage of free diver and killer whales in the Arctic 


"I am currently in Northern Norway on an 3 week assignment to document the overwintering Orcas. For the past couple of days I have the chance to test the Takacat [300 LX] dinghy. In short I am very impressed. Easy access to water, great stability, low drag when towing and great ability to hydroplane with heavy loads to mention a few. "


"The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season.

One of many good things about it, is the low drag, so we loose virtually no speed towing it (as opposed to a standard dinghy). "

Andreas B. Heide, sailor and explorer of profession 


Optional Accessories