260 LX

The Innovative Tender

The 260LX is the perfect tender for your larger watercraft.  Small yet robust it is built with ease of use in mind.  With the open bow for easy access on and off it provides a great alternative to your larger craft. With its sleek design and size, it also allows hassle-free access to clean waterlines of larger watercraft

Overall Length


Outboard Range

2hp - 8hp

Dry Weight



(Prices quoted in USD$)

Included Accessories

2 x Storage Bags
2 x Oars
1 x Inflatable Seat
1 x Hand Pump
1 x Repair Kit (excl glue)

Takacat-standard accessories.jpg


“We have been using the Takacat [260 LX] at Lake Pupuke, MadLoop WindSurf School for about a year now. We have been open for 25 years and used all types of inflatable dinghy. The Takacat is the best inflatable dinghy I have ever used by far.

So stable, so light ,so practical.

This boat is a complete winner in every way. I fully recommend anyone ,and every one to buy a Takacat.”

Alan McIntosh. Owner, Manager MadLoop WindSurf School, Auckland NewZealand

Optional Accessories